The Story

The Story

In an age where authenticity trumps excess, The Tack Rooms are an exhibition of understated luxury and a place to make your own.

With environmental sensitivity more important than ever, repurposing discarded buildings is a great way to reuse existing materials, especially when they’re pre-loaded with a clearly defined visual character.

As far as can be gathered, these two wooden buildings began their life as army barracks, before being transferred to the prominent corner of Montreal and Peterborough Streets in 1967, where they have since been classrooms, art studios, and many other things besides.

Now though, they are the place to go for those whose personalities don’t fit in a stale hotel room. They’re for people with a weakness for a good time.

Inspiration for their style came from the growing local polo scene, its earthy tones, and a feeling of being grounded within a city. Also too they recognise and respect their position – a stone’s throw from Hagley Park, the green jewel in the crown of Christchurch, and down the laneway of one of Christchurch’s only 5-star hotels, Hotel Montreal, and its Polo Bar.

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